4 Years Ago…

Once again Four Pints Shy found itself with enough material to cover a whole album, so we stepped back into the studio to record Drink to a Friend. For the first time ever, we also had some original tracks to lay down, as Scott had written both “Drinkin’ With John” and “Black Eyed Sailor” in the years since recording Tip Heavily. We also started making our pivot into American folk music with songs like “There Is A Time” and “Fields of my Mind”.

The old standards of folk music from Ireland, Scotland, and England rounded out the track list and made for an album we felt proud to put out and have our fans hear.

While we didn’t photograph the actual recording this time, we did have a mini-photo session for the cover at Keegan’s Bar in Minneapolis. We got some good shots, but this one is one of our favorites.

Four Pints Shy at the Bar

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