whiskeythief Digital Album Available

You’ve asked for it, and now we are happy to announce that our latest album, whiskeythief, is available as a digital album download. You can now buy and download the songs directly from our Bandcamp page here.

The album is available for $15 as a digital download and allow you to download the digital files directly to your device and take us anywhere you want to go.

So check out our online partner and listen to Four Pints Shy in this bold new digital age.

whiskeythief Out Now

Four Pints Shy is excited to announce the release of our latest album, whiskeythief!

Containing 17 tracks of newly recorded music and clocking in at over 60 minutes. whiskeythief features traditional folk music from Ireland and America, covers of some of our favorite tracks, and completely new original songs.

We’ll have the physical discs for sale this weekend at the MN Renaissance Festival so come on down and buy it from us directly!

Check out the album page for more information

Drink To A Friend

4 Years Ago…

Once again Four Pints Shy found itself with enough material to cover a whole album, so we stepped back into the studio to record Drink to a Friend. For the first time ever, we also had some original tracks to lay down, as Scott had written both “Drinkin’ With John” and “Black Eyed Sailor” in the years since recording Tip Heavily. We also started making our pivot into American folk music with songs like “There Is A Time” and “Fields of my Mind”.

The old standards of folk music from Ireland, Scotland, and England rounded out the track list and made for an album we felt proud to put out and have our fans hear.

While we didn’t photograph the actual recording this time, we did have a mini-photo session for the cover at Keegan’s Bar in Minneapolis. We got some good shots, but this one is one of our favorites.

Four Pints Shy at the Bar

Click here to view the album page


Welcome To FourPintsShy.com!

Hello, and welcome to Four Pints Shy’s new home on the web. It’s about dang time!

We’ve got so much good stuff for you guys; from the latest news, to upcoming shows and appearances. We’ve got galleries and audio to keep you entertained for days.

So take a look around and get acquainted. And keep checking back for the latest updates on Four Pints Shy!

Drunk & Disorderly?!

Home By Way Of The Gutter Cover

Holy cow, you guys. I just dug up a treasure trove here. Let me tell you a story.

Let’s go back to the summer of 2002. Here we have 5 guys fresh out of high school looking to take on the world of Irish music. Andy, Greg, Scott, Seth, and Dylan. We all went to the same high school (Minneapolis South!) and we all worked at the MN Renaissance Festival (Andy & Greg were in the Proto-Dregs, and Scott, Seth, and Dylan were on the street). Side note: The Dregs have a Wikipedia entry? What?!

One of the ways all of us passed the time out at Fest was by playing around the site. We weren’t an official “act” by any standards, but we had a guitar, and a strumstick, and whistles, and a bodhrán. It didn’t take very long to catch the attention of the entertainment director at the time. She gave us an “audition” right on the spot (which is a story for a different time). We were officially hired, and Andy immediately picked the band name “Drunk & Disorderly”, and so that’s what we became.

By the end of our first season, we decided to record an album. So in the middle of the week between shows, we went in the studio for two nights and laid down these tracks. Then we stayed up late in Greg’s room burning off CD after CD and affixing our own labels to each disc for sale at the Renaissance Festival. Each one was a truly unique and hand made item.

The next summer, we ran off 1,000 CDs to sell at Fest and at gigs, and sold those out over the next few years. We didn’t keep any for posterity or for ourselves.

But now? I unearthed a copy of the CD, and man are you guys in for a treat. I’ve added it to our official discography in the “As Drunk & Disorderly” section, and uploaded the whole album to our SoundCloud for your listening pleasure. And, if you want to download the files and keep them on your device, they are for sale via our Bandcamp and CD Baby pages.